Mediation and Arbitration Law Firm in Providence, Rhode Island

You can settle your important legal matters out of Massachusetts and RI courts

In business, legal disputes are unavoidable. The experienced lawyers at Heald Law, Ltd. know that disputes can disrupt your operations or actually threaten the existence of your company. Whether you need a skilled attorney in mediation or arbitration, Heald Law Ltd. is here to help.

Thomas Heald minimizes the risks and impact of disputes on your business and bring skill, experience and dedication to the negotiation table. We work hard to reach insightful, efficient and creative solutions for our clients by using the practice of alternative dispute resolution (ADR). Our clients benefit tremendously from our ability to identify and resolve their disputes that are best concluded outside the courtroom.

There are two effective alternative dispute resolution techniques designed to keep legal battles out of the courtroom, avoiding litigation:


In this private, informal dispute resolution process, a neutral third party called the mediator helps the disputing parties reach an agreement. The mediator has no power to impose a decision on the parties but contributes to the process by generating creative suggestions and intervening when the discussion moves off track. Mediation does not require the use of attorneys, though sometimes attorneys are used in the process to protect each party’s interests.  If mediation fails, one still has the option to enter into courtroom litigation or arbitration.


A neutral third party called an arbitrator renders a decision after a hearing that allows both parties to have an opportunity to be heard. The arbitrator is either chosen by the disputing parties or appointed by a court. Arbitration is a voluntary process. An attorney is almost always necessary to represent each party in arbitration.

Innovative dispute resolution in Providence, Rhode Island

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